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Training Portfolio

Training Portfolio - PPMSKILLS

We present below the mains courses of our Training Portfolio in Project Management, Risk Management, Change Management and Leadership & Behavior Management.

All our training programs comply with the main industry standards and best practices - ISO 21500 (Project Management) and ISO 31000 (Risk Management); PMBOK® Guide from Project Management Institute (Project Management); ICB from IPMA (Project Management) and ARMS from the Institute of Risk Management (Risk Management).

besides these standard training programs, we also design and develop specific programs to fit specific customer needs.

Please download the attached file with our Training Portfolio and be aware of our skills and competences.

Training Portfolio Training Portfolio [1.410 Kb]

preparation to pmp certification

PPMSKILLS offers a training course aimed to prepare the trainees to successfuly apply and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam. This course has a duration of 5 (five) days...

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management - PPMSKILLS

Risk management is multi-disciplined. This is often referred to as enterprise, integrated, holistic or practical risk management and can be represented as a wheel, with each spoke reflecting one branch of the subject, for instance project risk, reward and value, governance, business continuity and reputation and ethics.

Competent risk management professionals need not only a thorough knowledge of their subject, but also skills, and specifically the skills needed to implement risk management in a practical setting.

The course program is based on the IRM's International Certificate in Risk Management program and follows the main international standards in Risk Management: ISO 31000, COSO ERM, and IRM.

It is a hands-on course with a balanced mix between theory and practice, and aims to:

  • Provide an introduction to the theory and practice of risk management.
  • Reflect current risk management thinking, regulations and practices and how they impact modern organizations accross the world.
  • Offer a comprehensive and balanced approach to organizational risk management.
  • Deliver an entry level qualification and provide a basis for the application to the reputated International Certificate in Risk Management do Institute of Risk Management.

In the attached file you can find the course program.

ERM Program ERM Program [113 Kb]

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management - PPMSKILLS

This 2-day course is aimed at project managers, functional managers, team leaders and other project stakeholders who wish to have a working knowledge of the modern project risk management.

The course uses as background the best practices advocated by the main international standards - ISO 31000, PMBOK® Guide and PRAM Guide (APM-UK) - and teaches the modern project risk management processes and tools.

During the course students form groups and develop a risk management plan for a real project. At the end of the course the groups present and discuss their options and solutions with the trainer.


Project Management - Advanced Level

Project Management - Advanced Level - PPMSKILLS

This five day intensive course is aimed at project managers, team leaders and other project stakeholders who wish to learn the best practices, tools and techniques for modern project management, according to the main international standards - ISO 21500, PMBOK® Guide and ICB.

Joining theory to practice, in this course the concepts are developed and immediately applied to real project management situations. During the course students develop a case study, using MS Project, and learn how to build a project schedule and how to gather progress data and register that data into the scheduling tool.

Besides the project management technical aspects, in this course are also addressed the behavioral issues of managing teams - motivation and conflict resolution.

In the last day students execute a project planning and execution using SIMULTRAIN, the well known project management simulation program.

Project Management for Executives

Project Management for Executives - PPMSKILLS

This 2-day course is aimed at managers and executives who wish to know project characteristics and specificities of projects, in order to become more effective in making decisions about their organizational projects.

In this course are addressed topics like the industry standards PMBOK® Guide and ISO 21500, as well as the implementation and management of PMOs and change management.

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals - PPMSKILLS

This 3-day course is aimed at project team members starting a project management carrier as well as other project stakeholders who wish to understand the characteristics and specificities of projects.

This course teaches the best practices advocated by the two main international project management standards - PMBOK® Guide and ISO 21500.

MS Project is the scheduling tool used to build the project schedule and to simulate situations of progress registering.